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Company Profile

We offer a strong culture of service and distinction to your pharmaceutical needs. We are an independent pharmaceutical manufacturer with a commitment to excellence in offering personalized customer service for every customer. Our dedicated and experienced staff are constantly improving and updating our existing services to meet our customers’ changing pharmaceutical needs. We care about forming quality relationships with our customers. We are here to listen, advise and care for your health care needs, especially eye care solutions.

• One of Nigeria’s foremost eye care company.
• Broadest portfolio of eye care products in: Surgical Pharmaceutical and consumer eye care products.
• Broad portfolio of oral liquids.
• Conduct business nationally and foremost with faith based organization spread across Nigeria.
• With estimated number of 50 staff on payroll.
• Founded in 1927; began local production in 1948 and incorporated in 1998 as a limited liability Company; with autonomy and independence from the ECWA Medical Department; reporting directly to the ECWA Executive (EE) via the office of the ECWA General Secretary (EGS).
• An arm of Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) with specific mandate of providing quality pharmaceutical products at affordable and accessible price.

A DYNAMIC, SELF SUSTAINABLE Christian based pharmaceutical Company providing quality products and services for building healthy communities.

ECWA Central Pharmacy Limited (ECPL) exists to glorify God by manufacturing high quality pharmaceutical products and rendering services to meet the physical and spiritual health needs of the Church and society.

We are blessed with people full of commitment and dedication, people full of belief and faith in the cause of provision of quality pharmaceutical products and rendering high quality services. We all share the goal of “enhancing, preserving and restoring vision nationwide”.

ECPL adheres to high quality in all aspects of our operations. We are continually seeking to improve our business processes and quality management systems. We strive not only to comply with but surpass the highest level of regulatory requirements that govern our business in the market in which we operate for the utmost benefit of the general public.

ECPL is in constant research for the pursuit of new products while finding solution to any existing challenges.
ECPL is committed to operating with integrity and complying with all applicable laws and regulations governing its conduct.
We believe we are positioning ourselves well for the future. With the right people, products and conduct to serve emerging markets in eye care. ECPL is governed by a competent Board of Directors whose leadership provides the path for us to do what we do best – production and distribution of high quality pharmaceuticals to the existing and emerging markets.